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Bali 2023
Japan 2023

Bali, Indonesia

Tokyo, Japan

I wanna help you see the world!

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About Me

Heyy I’m Amanda, bka The Bougie Tourist and the founder of Girls Trippn , a travel business dedicated to helping women heal and find freedom through travel. After ending a toxic relationship, I found solace in solo-traveling and experiencing new places and cultures. As I traveled, I discovered that these new experiences not only helped me heal, but also built my confidence and independence.


Determined to share this transformative experience with other women, I started Girls Trippn, a company that curates custom luxury trips for young women. My mission is to provide unique and personalized travel experiences that not only allow my girls to see the world, but also to grow and discover themselves.


In order to make this life - changing experience accessible to all women. I created a travel membership called "The Bougie Tourists Club" that sends out exclusive flight deals and builds a community for like-minded travelers. By joining the club, members have access to discounted airfare, monthly giveaways for free vacations and become part of a community of  well-traveled women who share tips and advice for getting the most out of their trips. (join the club)


I believe that travel has the power to heal, and I am passionate about helping women find their own sense of freedom and empowerment through travel. With Girls Trippn, I hope to provide the opportunity for others to change their lives and the way they spend their time through unforgettable experiences.



Where to next?

February 22nd-26th

Calling all bougie and adventurous babes, come enjoy the wonders of Iceland with the girls from Girls Trippn! From the Blue Lagoon to Rainbow road we will be enjoying a Galentines Day weekend for the books!

Girls Trippn Game Coming May 2024

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